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To the left you see a zoom in of a PCA which Dienekes produced for a post, Structure in West Asian Indo-European groups.The focus of the post is the peculiar genetic relationship of Kurds, an Iranian-speaking people, with Iranians proper, as well as Armenians (Indo-European) and Turks (not Indo-European).By the mid-1920s more Armenians were settling in the Pasadena area.In 1924 the Varoujan Club was founded by 20 young Armenians to organize Armenian cultural and social events. Le’s a sociology professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

For those of you interested in historical population genetics this shouldn’t be that surprising.

Armenian Diaspora communities have long been campaigning for recognition of the genocide by governments around the world.

In 2010, a US congressional panel narrowly voted that the incident was indeed a genocide, a decision the Turkish government criticised, saying it had been accused of a crime it “had not committed”.

But this post isn’t about Kurds, rather, observe the very close relationship between Turks and Armenians on the PCA.

The _D denotes Dodecad samples, those which Dienekes himself as collected.

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