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I'm a successful self-employed man who’s achieved everything he planned, except the one simple goal of creating a family.

Kind of missed out on this in my younger years and then accepted that it's too late for me to start dating now I’m in my 50's.

Watch out for fake ads from scammers who only want your money!

You will also enjoy lots of free information on international marriage on our website, as well as live help 24 hours a day.

We will answer your questions whether you are just thinking of posting your personal profile today, need help communicating, or planning a trip overseas.

Be attentive when receiving a message from someone abroad such as "need money for sick mother" or "for flight to you, my dear"... At least, you should try to get to know the other person better before sending any money.

Scammers usually get tired quite quickly if they don’t achieve what they are looking for.

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