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Laura, in typical Lifetime mom fashion, is all “I KNOW SHE'S MY DAUGHTER, DON'T YOU THINK I'D KNOW MY DAUGHTER?! Once it's “proven” that Rebecca is her daughter, Laura sets her up to take classes at a community college and also in acting classes. He gets some very “not my daughter” vibes from Rebecca, as well as some other very “they're doing it” vibes from Rebecca and Jacob.” Well, apparently not, lady, if the rest of the movie is anything to go by. But I don't think she really needs those, considering she's getting a lot of practice in her everyday life, if you know what I mean. So he talks to Garwin about his suspicions and hires him to look into it.Breaking into acting after a brief stint in modeling and television commercials, Brooke Langton first gained exposure on everyone's favorite comely beach-bouncer series, Baywatch.

After appearing in such made-for-television movies as Moment of Truth: A Mother's Deception (1994) and Eye of the Stalker (1995), Langton landed a role on 90210's mature (at least age-wise) cousin, Melrose Place.Here's where Jacob continues his creeper behavior and says he has a friend at a lab who can get the DNA test done. What Garwin discovers is that Jacob and Rebecca are indeed an item. I should mention that Garwin has a heart condition, and he's so out of breath after climbing the stairs to follow those two that I thought he was going to drop dead right then and there and that would be the end of it.That way they can get the detective off their backs… But this is Lifetime, so he has to first leave a cryptic message on Richard's phone about needing to talk to him.The movie starts with our main lady Laura Paddington (Brooke Langton) losing track of her daughter while she takes a business call at the wharf. 14 years later, Zoe is still missing and Laura is putting up fliers with computer-generated images of what she would look like as a teenager. I got some serious creeper vibes from Jacob right from the start, especially when he starts to encourage Laura to pack up Zoe's room and move on, and when he suggests a specific homeless shelter she should donate to.This supposedly takes place 14 years ago, aka 2001, which is surprising considering how modern Laura's cell phone looks. What is important is that little Zoe, her daughter, has a very distinctive birthmark on the back of her neck. She's also dating a guy named Jacob (Peter Benson) from her support group, having divorced from her husband. Gee, I wonder what's at this homeless shelter that could be so important for Laura to see.

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