Christian kane dating sofia pernas

Actually he is single as in UNMARRIED but he and Whitney Duncan re united at the first part of 2011 after what I was told was a year apart. although if you would rather see it on the web there is plenty on twitter and an interview Christian Kane did with CMT not answering the girlfriend question at all.

LMAO I think it is sweet when they try to keep it private, but sadly nothing ever is in the public eye.

Known for his piercing blue eyes and husky, southern accented voice, Christian Kane is a heartthrob for hundreds of thousands of ladies.

The singer, with the ladykiller looks and height, has always made headlines for his heart touching singing and his acting skills.

The answer lies either with Kane himself or in the future, as we can only discover the truth in upcoming days.

We hope that the singer, who has been inspiring and impressing all of us with his beautiful songs and heartwarming lyrics, finds a beautiful and deserving girlfriend.

Well gosh, we now know that Whitney was married in the late summer or fall of 2010, so it turns out he was not with her in early 2011.

Likely this news came from another fan site, where fans of Whitney started the rumour.

The famous singer has hardly been seen going out with any new girls, so it is tough to speculate as to who he is romantically involved with.

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