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Phylogeographic and dispersal-vicariance (DIVA) analysis suggest a North American origin of and its migration into EA via the Bering land bridge.

Multivariate analysis based on 23 quantitative morphological characters detected no geographic groups at the intercontinental level.

Dave Q: When did the CNW/CMO started receiving covered hoppers and using them in grain service?

Gary A: While two-bay covered hoppers were in service in the early 50s, grain was still moving in 40' boxcars at that time.

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I am Writing a bio on Ken Randall who played hockey in 1911 for the Port Hope professionals. My wife's Rowden family is descended from Philip Rowden and his youngest child Frederick Rowden and wife Bessie Emeline Clark.It's amazing how much interest there is in brick collecting. Remember your posts are public so don't enter your email address if you don't want it displayed.We will do our best to answer your questions in time. If you have a question or comment, scroll down and enter it in the box. To see our (eventual) replies, look in the TOPICS list on the right and click on your brick brand. We know there are other knowledgeable collectors out there. , were living in Edwardsburg, Cass County, Michigan. Let me know if there is more I can fill you in about.Sarah died on , and she is buried in SILVERBROOK CEM. By 1862 Philip Rowden was a Baptist minister and he remarried on in nearby Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana, to Mary Knapp, born in Pennsylvania about 1835. Lesley Hi I'd like to see the Rowdon tree and gain more info on my mother's family.

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