Ellen page and alia shawkat dating

In a way, it was great to be around [the cast], because I feel that my understanding of comedy was able to grow really well during that time." In 2009, Shawkat appeared in Whip It co-star Har Mar Superstar's music video for "Tall Boy", which also featured Eva Mendes and Eric Wareheim.

In October 2009, it was announced that Shawkat, Har Mar, and fellow Whip It co-star Page would produce and write a show for HBO called Stitch N' Bitch.

But I'll never be able to think she's straight.

lol Is she "serious" about it or just talking about "hot men"?

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It wasn’t like, simultaneously, but they started working on an idea and they gave me some notes about it.' Cause lesbians (and gay men) usually make commentaries of the opposite sex (Ellen, Jodie Foster, NPH) but it's more of a "trying to be cool" thing.If she's serious then I guess she really is bi.They said like, “Blue Is the Warmest Color-esque.” I thought it was hilarious and we were on a group text for a while, sending each other weird photos.A little bit later it was written, it was hilarious, and then I went to New York and shot it. We were sending fake photos of people who take selfies, like guys who take selfies in the mirror showing their abdomens and stuff. ” And I was like, “The more the better.” So that happened.

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