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For the sheer amount of radioplay The Chainsmokers' "Closer" has gotten, it's shocking that the song just now got an official music video.

Halsey, who is featured on the track, is the object of Andrew Taggart's affections in the video.

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I like nice guys who can get me started with the way they talk.

I love the idea of having sex with stranger in a dark corner of a restraurant or on a crowded subway train or having hard dick shoved into my mouth and my hair pulled.f1freak62 wrote, Her Beauty sucked me in and maimed me for hours..knees got weak, my bones started aching, then things started to build up, and with her golden touch, she whispered: Poof!!

While their present-day selves see each other at a party, flashbacks show their steamy past relationship.

If you're a fan of the song — or you just think Andrew Taggart is hot — you should check out the video.

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