Updating svn

If you don't know what you are doing, better stick to a binary like the ones that come with command line tools (svn is still in there I guess), or use homebrew's packages.There are three different kinds of incoming changes: A non-conflicting change occurs when a file has been changed remotely but has not been modified locally.This tutorial walks you through the basics of Subversion (SVN) usage. Edit: Seems that the symbolic link I was creating was for Mountain Lion 10.8 not Mavericks 10.9 ...You can review the list, diff files against BASE and select the items you want to be included in the commit.

If you are already familiar with Subversion, you can pick a topic of interest from the table of contents below.If only one item is selected for updating or the selected items are not all from the same repository, Tortoise SVN just updates to HEAD. In Tortoise SVN, the commit dialog uses several Subversion commands.The first stage is a status check which determines the items in your working copy which can potentially be committed.so now my C compiler works but I'm getting another error now: checking whether we are cross compiling...configure: error: in Doesn't look like it, you need the C compiler to create a program from source code.

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